Sending to USD. TransferWise -> Revolut same currency


Hi all,

I`m wondering if someone had successfully transferred US dollars from TransferWise borderless account to top-up Revolut US dollars balance?

Revolut personal US dollars account details follow IBAN format. Whereas, when adding a recipient in TransferWise, the required format is ACH routing number and Account number.

Might be that TransferWise do not let such option at all.

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I have done it multiple times. Instead of trying to do a bank transfer from transferwise, just top up your revolut with the transferwise debit card.

If you don’t have the card, transferwise has a page where you can sign up to the card beta. I did that and they accepted me into the beta and sent me the card. From sign up to having the card it took me about a week

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Hello @megamaster,

What’s the case when my employer in USA needs to send my salary to my USD Revolut account using Transferwise?

It seems that topping with Transferwise debit card is not an option.



transferwise charges only $3.30 for the SWIFT transfer, US banks usually charge 10 times that.

but be aware YOU don’t have a USD IBAN, they would be paying to Revolut LTD. This will probably cause their accountant to get very upset.

it’s a lot more sensible if you open an account on transferwise yourself, get paid as a normal American, and then you move the money to revolut for exchange.



Thanks all for your input. Unfortunately it seems that i can’t open a Transferwise borderless USD account as my country of origin is Cyprus :frowning:

Therefore the only solution is for my employer to send USD to my EUR revolution account.

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That doesn’t make sense… Cyprus is a EU member.

They even have blog posts about Cyprus recommending people to open a borderless account.

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Here’s the link that states “All EEA countries” (excluding Cyprus) -



@AndreasK, once revolut arrive in USA, will you put the same arbitrary restriction to Cyprus residents? Any guesstimate on the local US accounts?



No, Cyprus is a part of EU and EEA. I’m Cypriot I won’t let this happen hahaha

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@cyio stay tuned! @AndreasK will save you =)




I don’t know if something changed recently, but I never had any problem using the Transferwise card to top up revolut, in USD, after having received the funds in Transferwise from an American bank. And with absolutely no fees whatsoever



the thing is that as resident of Cyprus he is not allowed to have a USD account under his name on Transferwise Borderless where to receive his salary.



Hi there,

I’m wondering if any of you did an opposite usd transfer -> i.e From Revolut to Transferwise. I need to transfer USD from my Revolut account to Transferwise, however TW says that the account where the money comes from should be held under name. I am not sure what if I transfer my personal USD Borderless account. What would be the fees for that? Anyone has any expereince in this?

Many thanks


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