Sending someone money without forcing them to create a Revolut account


Hi there,

I’m trying to send someone some money. The “tricky” part is that I don’t want this person to have my account number (for special reasons). My idea was that I would send this person a payment link and that he could simply enter his IBAN and that Revolut would pay him on my behalf. Which also means that this person does not need to create a Revolut account just to receive the money.

Is that possible with Revolut? I know this is a special use case :slight_smile:


Not possible to the best of my knowledge.


How about rev.mmoney? I know that this forces your beneficiary to download the app, but you don’t reveal your account number :wink:


As I said, it’s a special use case and also a special person :wink: Creating a Revolut account is not desired (app account, startup, yada yada, you know)


So, as @alessandro said, AFAIK there is no such possibility in that direction…


I almost thought so. I was imagining something like “Offline Moneybeam” from N26 would also be possible for Revolut.
Well then maybe in the future. Thanks to all who replied