Sending request question


When we request funds from a colleague it offers a selection of contact telephone numbers to request money from. How are we supposed to know which number to use?

Why do we need to select a number at all? Surely the system know the correct number to use?

What happens if we pick the wrong number?


Hi @Pagemakers,

Just to clarify, the app provides only phone numbers registered with Revolut. If the other person is not registered, then you can choose any number and send a link.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.


When I sent a money request to a friend it lists 4 numbers to chose from.

When I look on the personal details in his Revolut app he only has 1 number registered.

Why then is it giving me an option of 4 numbers when I send a money request?


Can I have a repjy please.

Personally I don’t think you should need to pick a phone number at all. You just select request money and the amount. Revolut should know the contact data to use.


Anybody from Revolut there?


Hi @Pagemakers

Teach team is looking into it. I will let you know once we have updates.

Than you,


Andreas K.