sending money to the old revolut iban

hello. I have just sent money to your old revolut iban, the barclay’s bank not the Lloyd’s. Is going to be a problem? please help me out.

Did you contact support?

I sent a message to andreas kapsos

I’d contact support first. Might take a while but should be the first contact. Also, you’d have an official statement, here it is only the community.

how can i contact support?

In the application where it refers to the support chat. But do expect some waiting time and make sure you skip the chatbot by typing “live agent”. It should then tell you how long it approximately will be.

You could also ping them on Twitter if it’s urgent :slight_smile:

unfortunately i dont have twitter account

In that case you should use the Help-“chat to us” function on your account and type “Live agent” when Rita greets you, like @alessandro advised :slight_smile:
If waiting times are long on the chat support, you will most likely get a reply earlier from @AndreasK ,you just have to wait a bit.

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I’ve replied to your direct message!