Sending money to other user - how?

So, there is still no option to send money manually to other revolut user without allowing access to contacts as discussed in this topic ? -> Can't 'Send money' WITHOUT 'Revolut needs to access your contacts'

A friend, other revolut user (who have shared his contacts) sent me money via revolut and I was hoping I can send him money back without allowing access to contact list. It seems I can’t . :-1:

Only option to send as sepa transfer, but it wont be instant?

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Yes and yes.


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Or maybe I can ask my friend to create payment link in app? (or whatever its called in english now… its hard for me to guess correct name as revolut forcefully switched my app to my native lang as my phone does not use eng as default, which makes asking for help in english forum quite hard)

Will that work? (never used that feature).

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he can just make a request when he already granted the contacts permission

Ok, but will I need to input my R card data or there is some button like “APPROVE money send” and thats it?

Revolut will notice that the number is registered to an account and just should prompt you to confirm or deny

Or you just let them access your contacts.

Dont want to risk possibility that contacts will be duplicated. There was some horror stories about this in forums. Don’t know if its fixed or not.

Just create a payment link and sent it to him or vice versa.

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Its Been 3 weeks since my account Blocked for no reasons, I submit all the Documents for income proof.No Support, No one Reply, I have 300+ GBP account Balance, Please someone Help

Somehow it did not work out - my friend tried to request money from me via revolut app (I don’t know which method he used), but I did not even see any requests in app. So I used other method (not revolut).

I am guessing the main reason reason for requesting access to our contacts is to reduce the chance of user error. Because your money could end up in an account of a person you do not know, if you get a digit wrong. Revolut, I would imagine would need to set up a dedicated team to handle user’s accidental transactions (how do you prove it was accidental?) and that costs money!

I would still like to be able to enter an identifier i.e. mobile number manually (and not give access to my contacts/data). I would not mind at all if the Revolut app asked for a couple of confirmations from me and stating that under no circumstances can the transaction be reversed.

I have zero problems with that and I would use Android copy & paste functionality to enter the correct phone number.

Please implement this feature, thanks. :smiley: