Sending money to crypto exchanges



Not sure if this is the right section or not but I just wanted some advice on the following:

  1. Can I use revolut via a web browser or does it have to be via an iphone or android device only?
  2. How quickly do transfers from a UK HSBC account make their way to a Revoult GBP account?
  3. Have users successfully been able to send and receive EUR funds to coinbase, kraken and bitstamp using revolut?
  4. Have users successfully been able to send and receive USD funds to gemini using revolut?



Hey @pvt_nq :slight_smile:

No web access yet, I’m afraid :frowning:

Two working days for standard, one for :crown:Premium :earth_africa:

Totally no idea :grey_question:


Please see the post below.

how do i find out what my IBAN and BIC/SWIFT No is?

A couple of merchants are not supported with a Revolut, including

  • Financial securities brokers and dealers
  • Foreign exchange bureaus
  • Unmanned petrol stations

Merchants are categorized by their merchant category code (MCC).

To make a long story short: usually you can’t transfer funds to any exchange, including cryptocurrency exchanges.