Sending money to contacts


The need to allow access to all contacts just to be able to send money to a tiny percentage of these is a pain. The contacts are also displayed multiple times to reflect different email addresses or phone numbers. I have many contacts with 4 or 5 entries. What’s more the contacts do not seem to be synchronized in any way, and individual contacts cannot be deleted. This is a poor implementation, and needs urgent change if it is to be of practical use.

I would like to have the ability to add contacts individually, either from my phone’s contact list or even manually. The ability to delete individual contacts is also needed.


Hey there, we do this to make transferring funds easy and convenient. But I will certainly pass on this feedback to the team!


In principle I understand that. But the application should allow more granularity, the majority of my contacts will never send me money and I won’t send any to them. Also the application creates multiple contacts for each telephone number and email address, which further exacerbates the problem. This just adds a massive storage requirement entirely unnecessarily. I would rather select the maybe 5 to 10 contacts I might exchange money with, than have something like 700 entries most of which will be unused.
Aside form everything else this is, in my view, a security issue as well. Whatever levels of security you may have, the volumes of contact information in the app. will only encourage attempts to break your security, if for no other reason you should address the problem in this context.
In a world where we all have more and more interaction via mobile devices the volume of contacts is only going to increase, and in the case of most people these contacts will be largely passive.
Control in this instance is far more important than easy of use, which in practice it really isn’t.
I do hope you will be able to address this, before someone replicates your app. but applies more flexibility in this area.
Thank you.