Sending money to coinbase - beneficiary not allowed?


I am trying to send some euros to coinbase but the transaction is not working.

I have made sure the IBAN details and reference number is present and correct when adding them as a beneficiary on the app

I think the problem may lie with my personal details. I know that if the name details don’t match this can cause a problem.

My legal name on coin base is in lower caps (eg joseph smith) but my name on the Revolut app was set up with an upper case first initial and upper case Last name Initial followed by lower case letters (eg. Joseph Smith)

Will this cause a problem, not allowing the transaction? How do i change my name details on Revolut to match with my beneficiary?

Many thanks

I should add I used the same bank account details on both platforms too

Have you activated EUR IBAN ?

Name should be ok :slight_smile:

The lower limit for outgoing transfers is slightly higher than 1 EUR. (The equivalent of 1 GBP, as far as I remember it correctly.)

Ah, I haven’t activated a Euro wallet in coinbase via my bank, I’m wondering if this may be the issue. Do I need to do this first before sending euros from revolut to coinbase?

Yes :+1:
Activate EUR iban on revolut. …
Do small transfer first (with coinbase) :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the help:grinning:

I had the same problem…the fix…I had not verfied my Euro wallet on the…when vervication is confirmed you can then send from you Rev.euro account to coinbase…gives a we like if helpfully to any1. thanks :four_leaf_clover:

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