Sending money (EURO) to my Revolut account

Just got a free Revolut account (without verifying identity). I’m in the Netherlands and was wondering if sending money from my bank (ING) to Revolut would cost me extra money (like fees).

When i send the money from my bank, should i send it in euros? because when i go to ‘top up’ and go to the ‘swift’ tab it shows me an UK bank account IBAN.

Also how long does it take for my money to appear in Revolut

Thank you so much, it’s my first time lol

First verify your account, there is little point in trying to use it before that.

As for topping up, not SWIFT but the local one (you might need to activate it) and yes, it will be a UK IBAN.

Topping up in EUR: Use your personalised IBAN and send the funds as a SEPA payment with REVOGB21 as BIC and not via SWIFT if you transfer from a European bank account. Please use the SWIFT details with your unique reference number when you transfer from outside the Single Euro Payments Area. Any SWIFT transfer to your local Revolut account will be rejected and returned with applicable fees applied.

If your transfer is in EUR or CHF and your bank is using SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) then a transfer to Revolut will cost the same as a domestic transfer.