Sending euros to newly created personal euro account

I just created a personal euro account which generated an IBAN and BIC.
I want to transfer euros into this account from my main revolt account balance where I have euros.
I created a new beneficiary for my personal euro account with the IBAN and BIC.
I go to “Payment option” and then “To Bank account” where I select the beneficiary I created.
I enter the euro amount and click send but it fails with message "Request for your bank transfer has failed"
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you

Where did you create “a personal euro account”? Was this inside the Revolut app? Or at another institution? If inside the Revolut app, then it seems you’re trying to transfer your Euro balance from your Revolut Euro account TO the same Revolut Euro account using SEPA. This is of course going to fail. The IBAN you get from Revolut is merely an account number for your “main Revolut account” where you have your Euros. You don’t have two separate Euro accounts with Revolut. Your Euro balance IS your Euro account. You can’t transfer money from your Euro account to your Euro account.


All is well. It was on the same account and that’s why if failed.
I didn’t realise my balance was automatically availabe to the euro account.

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