Sending Euros from revolut to coinbase

Hi guys,

Please can someone explain to me in idiot proof language, how I send me EUROS from revolut to coinbase. I have my euros ready and waiting in my revolut account but cannot for the life of me figure out how to send these euros to my already set up coinbase account?

Thanks in advance

Login to Coinbase 1st.

  1. Goto accounts, Euro wallet and then click deposit.
  2. Get the Reference and note down, press Continue
  3. Enter the amount of euros you will send click Continue.
  4. The next page will provide you with all the details on the Coinbase account to Xfer to
  5. In Revolut app enter the detail and send the Payment

Heres a post I did for a friend explaining how…

Thanks so much JasonP!!! Life saver! Really appreciated.


I can not transfer payment from revolt to coinbase the reference field greyed out and therefore will not transfer. Any ideas

Is there a problem with coinbase


Sorry to hijack your thread but I am stumped and cannot yet create a new topic. I followed your excellent guide but still unable to verify my coinbase account, tried numerous times sending euros from revolut, from the revolut side everything looks fine. The money is returned a few days later saying ‘not specified reason agent generated’ I have bought crypto previously on coinbase using debit card, anyone have any ideas