Sending Euros from a UK based Euro account to my Euro Revolut account



I have a question in regards to transferring some funds from a Barclays euro account to my Revolut euro account.

On the Revolut app I have 2 account options which are ‘local’ and ‘Swift’. Which account details would I need to use to be able to receive the funds. Would i need to do a SEPA transfer (local) or a Swift transfer??

Any advise would be much appreciated.



Local -SEPA :+1: :slight_smile:


Thanks Ares,

Even though this will not be an international transfer? Or is this considered international because I am receiving in euros?


All euro transfer between SEPA member states are considered national/local.

The UK is part of SEPA, so euro transfers inside UK or with any other SEPA country are local


Thanks! Makes sense now.

The person that will transfer to me will do so using a SEPA transfer with his bank (barclays) to my Revolut euro account.

One quick follow up question - has anyone had any issues with this, I don’t want anything going wrong because it will be a large amount and I need to then exchange the euros I receieve to GBP and transfer to a GBP account.

Can this be done without any problems or issues?