Sending EUR to coinbase - Beneficiary not allowed

I have used revolut to send EUR successfully to coinbase, I have just tried again and now get the message ‘beneficiary not allowed’

I have searched around and my account is activated on revolut.

Any suggestions as to why this has stopped working?

Many thanks

I don’t think Revolut allows transfers to Coinbase and other similar services.

You need to activate your personal IBAN account number then you’ll be able to.

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Also, make sure your account is fully verified & all the cards used for top up are confirmed.

Exact same problem. I have loaded UKP to Revolut. I tried to send €2 to Coinbase to be able to get my money from there over into Revolut and Beneficiary Not Allowed. AFAIK my Rev acct is verified and confirmed (how the hell can I check - couldnt see any settings). My CB acct is fine. My Rev acct has Eur and Pound active and the Coinbase details stored.

Why so complicated?

You need to activate your personal EUR IBAN. For details, search this forum, there are a couple of threads regarding coinbase.