Send USD using TransferWise to personal USD account

I work as a freelancer (Europe) and need to get my salary from a USA company. I do have a personal Revolut with USD and EUR account.

Can my employer use TransferWise to send USD to my Revolut USD account?

Thanks in advance

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Why would they do that?
It most likely will cause problems.

Your customer either pays directly into your Revolut US$ IBAN (and does not forget to add your Revolut Reference code), or you open up a Transferwise Bordeless account and they can pay you into the personal US local account there, which might even be less costly for everyone involved. Then you can transfer it to Revolut or use it directly from your Transferwise account, whatever floats your boat.

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If they don’t mind adding paying to an account owned by Revolut Ltd there is no problem.
But it’s cleaner if you get yourself a borderless account and you transfer the USD to revolut.

be sure to lift your top-up limit with revolut first though

Hey - do you know where I can find my reference code? Does this still exist?