Send/Receive Link API


Would be cool to have some form of API available which at the very least could generate send/receive links.

This could make something like a Revolut-Bot for chat clients such as Telegram and facebook messenger possible which would facilitate the process of requesting/sending money to friends and family.

Of course as the API matures, then the bot can continue to offer more features, but I think being able to generate send/request links as a base would be incredibly useful.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!


looking at how other banks implemented something like that (see N26) and how the results have been (see 33c3) I would suggest to not rush into such a function.


I see, I was not aware of the instances you pointed out. Will check that out.

Still though, if this could be done in a diligent and not-at-all rushed way, I think the functionality would be useful, provided security is not compromised.


How about a different way?
Rather then opening :r: to others, making Revolut able to directly hand over the created link into another application.
iOS offers such options don’t know how well integrated that is in Android.