'Send' payments section on iOS looks bad

I’m wondering if nobody from Revolut actually cares about those details, because that’s how it always has been.
The last icon (Payment link) is cut in half and you have to swipe to see it in full… aesthetics level: 0. :nauseated_face:

And all it takes is just slightly narrowing the empty space between the 4 icons.

That’s pretty basic stuff and it gets overlooked. Unfortunately, I’m not really surprised, though.

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That looks a little squashed to me.

That’s a deliberate decision.

The button elements don’t scale that much when the interface adapts to different screen sizes. The button is cut in halve to give you a visual hint that there’s more on the right.

Your workaround might not work for all localizations, the app comes in many languages and some might have longer texts. If they would have made the margins smaller, it might not work for all languages. It seems they went for a set position for all buttons that kind of works to avoid individual adjustments for every localization. The app comes in 24 localizations!

But you might be in luck. On one of my devices, these UI elements look different. Still horizontal scrolling, but you might like it better. I don’t know if they are going to replace these elements or why am I seeing alternative buttons, but they do look better.