send money to not revolut user


Excuse me i sent via link to a friend 10 euros. He clicks the link and web page is blank. !!! Why?


I am not sure but is the payment link for Revolut customers only or across platform?


Send him a bank transfer


@AndreasK could help? I sent money to a friend who has not revolut. I sent him the link but it does show only a blank web page. Why it doesnt work??? Even today and yesterday !! When do you fix it??


I tried both none of them work!!!


Can you post a screenshot of the page your friend gets?


@AndreasK , it’s about

Error 500 for more than a week already, and I really needed it couple of times. I wrote there, I wrote to the support and nothing yet…


@AndreasK yeap, it’s happening with every link, new old, or whatever.


Hey guys! We’re really sorry about this. The team is working on a fix, as we speak. I will keep you posted.

Also, I have to close this topic. Please use this one Introducing Rev Me! 📲

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