Send money to Brazil

Hi, I would like to send money to my account in Brazil, is it possible? I have the BIC of the Bank but I don’t know what to put in Account Number, should I put the agency number + the account number ?

That would also be interesting for me.

You should be able to add it as a beneficiary and use SWIFT to do a bank transfer.

I’ve tried to do it but it was not a good idea, I sent it to Banco do Brasil and they asked me to sign a form to receive the money, they will probably charge some amount to receive it

This subject is interesting to me I need to send money to Brazil every month . Is it possible ?

If you want to support family members or friends in Brazils, do it that way:

  • Order a Revolut spare card
  • Send that card to your family member / friend in Brazil
  • Set a monthly spending limit for that card
  • Your family member can make free withdrawals at Banco do Brasil (max. 500 R$ per day) and also Bradesco (higher limits). Maybe some other banks are also free of charge, but I currently don’t know

So your family member will take money directly from your Revolut card, but you can control how much is allowed by setting that spending limit for that spare card.

Maybe this helps.

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