Send money to an email or phone


This would help get closer to cashless or “less-cash” society and also give Revolut more users.

Sending money to an email or phone which doesn’t have revolut would

  • keep transaction pending for X days (a week?) until claimed
  • The receiver would get an email or sms saying that there is money waiting for him
  • if he is not yet a Revolut user he’d need to become one to claim it

A great additional usability feature would be if Revolut app could read phones/emails from QR codes so there could be a QR on street performers’ money box or on waitresses’ name card, etc.

Moving towards cashless society is hurting street performers and as for tipping, in Lithuania you can’t leave tips by card. Someone needs to fill in the niche of these micro-payments, why not Revolut :wink:


Hi @mdonatas,

Check out this: **If you don’t know the recipient’s bank account details, you can just send them money via the ‘Send’ function in the app.

Scroll through your contact list, select the person you need to send money to and enter the amount you want to transfer. Choose the currency by clicking on the ‘£’ and selecting ‘£’ , ‘$’ or ‘€’ or tap ‘Other’ for more currencies you can send in via Revolut.

Then, choose whether you would like to send the money via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS. The recipient will receive a message notifying them that you’ve initiated a transfer. The recipient then has 24 hours to collect the money by clicking on the link and entering their account details.

If 24 hours elapse and the person hasn’t collected the money, the funds will be reverted back to your Revolut account. You can cancel the transfer before the recipient accepts it by clicking on the transaction in your Revolut wallet and selecting ‘Cancel Payment’.**


Hi @AndreasK

Sorry but I hardly imagine adding every street performer I donate to to contacts.

Imagine how you give money in such situations. You prepare some coins before hand you come up to the person and put them into the box/hat/something and that is that.

Digital solution should be on par with “physical” workflow. You open an app, select to send money by QR code, come closer to scan the code, enter amount and send.
No words need to be spoken, no need to spend a couple of minutes adding a contact of a person you probably won’t ever see again. Money transfer interactions should be seamless.

p.s. in case where the person wouldn’t have a QR you’d need to ask for an email, but even then you shouldn’t have to create a contact first.


So, you go up to a total stranger in the street and get their email address. You send them an email which says if you click on this link and fill in all of your bank details I’ll give you some money. I wouldn’t do that even if it was my best friend who was sat next to me!


@badskittler ahahaahahahahaahah