"SEND" money problem if no mobile phone?

Revolut have just changed the “SEND” money procedure. Before you just needed access to your Revolut App but NOW you ALSO need a mobile phone. With the new procedure Revolut send a 6 digit code to the mobile phone number you have previously registered with them. So, how can I now “SEND” money using the Revolut App on my iPad if I don’t also have my mobile phone? I asked this question to Revolut “Support” and was told before pressing SEND I should enter my E.mail address in the “add note” shown just above the SEND button, presumably so the code can be received via my iPad and not my mobile phone? However, I have NOT received any E.mail. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so been able to SEND money without using their mobile phone?

It sounds to me that they changed this to improve security. A TAN with a formerly registered device is some sort of 2-factor-authentication to make sure only an account owner (the one with access to the phone number that is attached to an account and can’t be changed by oneself once an account is verified) can make transfers.

Hi. Frank,

Thank you for your reply. My problem is I have lost my mobile phone?

So, Revolut changing their procedure means I cannot so easily SEND money to my step daughter who is relying on me supporting her while she is travelling in Thailand, Japan and India over the next 9 weeks. I sent a message to Revolut on line support as soon as they re-opened at 06.00am this morning but they quoted me +12 hours before they could respond and try to help?

I sent her some money, using both our Revolut accounts, with no problem on 2nd July just before she departed the UK but now she is in Thailand with no easy access to anymore money and only has her Revolut card to access cash or use in card transactions as she has no other bank cards?

Well, depending on what you’re going to do about your lost phone, two things come to mind: 1. Are you getting a new SIM card with the old number? You can access everything as usual once you got your replacement SIM. 2. Are you getting a new number? I would try to change the mobile number that is associated with your Revolut account as soon as possible to get full access again.

Also, you and your step daughter are UK residents, right? Then you can top up your step daughter’s Revolut account with a regular bank transfer from your other current account with the bank details shown in your daughter’s Revolut app under “local GBP account” without your Revolut account being involved at all.

Hello, Frank,

My step daughter requires funds very soon so I am thinking of using my friends mobile number to receive the 6 digit code?

How do I change my registered phone number to my friends mobile number on the Revolut App?

My step daughter does NOT have a bank account so your suggested method of me transferring funds to this account first and then for her to top up her Revolut account is not possible.


Your step daughter has a Revolut account, right? If she is a UK resident you can send her money via bank transfer directly to her personal account details as shown in the app.

This and how to change the phone number to log in on a new device is explained in the FAQs. Look for top up via bank transfer and what to do if one loses one’s phone.

Hi Frank,

Once again a big thank you for your advice which is invaluable to me with Revolut quoting +12 hours to respond.

I am having great difficulty contacting my step daughter today in Thailand today perhaps because of heavy thunderstorms there affecting both phone and E.mail contact? I am also trying to contact her via my friend who is also in the same city?
My friend has just E.mailed me stating the phone number given for my step
daughter is incorrect, so adding to my present day problem?

If I can successfully send money to her Revolut account later today or tomorrow then problem solved otherwise I will need to find out more very quickly about how to a transfer money to her without use of my mobile phone? You say this is covered in FAQ’s but do these answers cover the BIG change that’s occurred just over the last 7 or 8 days of FROM NOW ON requiring the use of a 6 digit code (sent to the SENDERS mobile phone) to verify any Revolut account to Revolut account transfer of funds?

I have used the old system of Revolut to Revolut account transfer since first using Revolut for myself, my wife and her daughter over the last +15 months BUT if I had known I could send funds to either of them directly from my UK Bank account to their Revolut accounts then I think I should have done it this way anyhow?

From memory, when I first joined Revolut I was NOT given my own Account + Sort Code and therefore this method was not available +15 months ago? Can you confirm this?

If I can now find out my step daughters Revolut Account Details + Sort Code then I can simply do a bank transfer of GBP’s from my UK bank account to her Revolut account WITHOUT using my mobile phone to receive a 6 digit verification code?

Is this correct?


I can’t remember exactly when they introduced the “personal current account” for UK residents and GBP transfers. But you’re right that it wasn’t available from the beginning.

If the app does not show a reference code in the “local” table where you see the account details for GBP top ups via bank transfers. See FAQs, section about bank transfers and Revolut’s blog article about the current account feature. It is described there. And there wouldn’t be any 6 digit verification code from Revolut because you would not send from Revolut! Your Revolut account would not be involved in this transaction at all.

If you want to use the P2P real time sending method where you could send money instantly between Revolut users (that is what you used before, I assume), I believe you need to update your Revolut account to your new phone number to make that work again. But you need the help of a support agent for this.