Send money link, needs creating new Revolut account?

From today only, after update the version to 4.18 - don’t know if it relates, when I request money from some persons who doesn’t have Revolut, the link goes to a page that obligates to create a Revolut account first. This was not the case until now, and sincerely for this exact option, I joined Revolut because it helped me a lot. Until now…

Is this a bug or a permanent change?

Blue skies!

There is also a monthly limit for, as far as I know. Could it be that you’re above 250 for the last 30 days/the last month? Feature still works for me here …

Thanks. It’s weird because it doesn’t seem to sum up for a specific amount and it doesn’t say somewhere that is a limit for this service.

Can someone at Revolut reply what is going on? Thanks in advance!

Official reply from Revolut:
We are aware of this issues, we hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

I have been told last week that the next app update would solve that problem. Meanwhile there were two updates, but the problem persists.