send Money from Paypal to Revolut account.

I have money on my UK PayPal account, connected to this Revolute account. As I don’t have a real UK bank account, I can’t withdraw it.

So I thought that maybe I could send it on my Revolut account.
My concern is that PayPal does not allow to type in “Benificiary name”.
Any idea how to proceed?
Thanks a lot

Just try.
If it does not work, it bounces or you’ll get an error.

There are no negative consequences I’d say


well it doesnt work, it says on Paypal I need to have a UK account and than it opens a new side asking for
"sort code" (6 digits)
where can I find this for my revolut account?

Top up --> bank transfer

(if you don’t see “bank transfer”, tap on the last used top-up method here. Next screen then shows all options.)