Send Money abroad in Euro to a Euro Bank account (Country not in the list)

Hi Community,
I have been using the premium service for almost a year now , and the experience is far better than my bank.
Although I have a problem with the Bank transfer,
I do have a Euro bank account in Tunisia with a valid IBAN and swift code , But I do not see the country in the list of countries and therefore not able to send any money to that account .
Any reason why ? The account is in a supported currency (the Euro ) but the country is not avalaible .
Could I just pick any other country and then put the right IBAN /BIC of my Tunisian bank ?

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Hi @Sammy,

I never sent money abroad (just spent it so far :wink: ) but if you choose another country it might affect the accepted IBAN codes or implies other SWIFT bank references. Therefore, I would not suggest to simply choose another country.

Maybe someone else has experienced that or @anon33247966 has insights how to do that.


Have you checked the list of supported / excluded countries for international transfers? --> FAQs.



Thanks @Frank,

totally forgot the list of exclusions !

@Sammy check here:

So it won’t work , sorry !

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Thank you very much guys,
Tunisia is in the exclusions list , no idea why , but that explains it .
thanks for the help-