Send BTC/LTC/ETH to other wallets

Is not possible to send cryptocoins to an alternative wallet/exchange? Or receive it, of course.

And the more problematic, how can i confirm that i have X coins if i cant see my wallet at the blockchain explorer?

Hey @asturking :slight_smile:

You can’t do cryptocurrency transactions as of now outside of :r: (apart from using your card or selling them) :frowning:

And … how can i verify that i have X BTC? Where are the transfer on blockchain?

bitcoin doesn’t have phisical coins but they must be at blockchain!

I was just about to go premium until I found out I can’t send MY money to an external wallet or other exchange.
A lot of people want to buy alt coins.
You prevent them from doing so by not allowing them to send THEIR money elsewhere. Not a very good marketing point.
Revolut would attract millions of customers if you allow the sending of cryptocurrency to external sources. Looks like Coinbase will be getting my money.
Revolut need to move with the times and the times are altcoins.
Any reply from Revolut?

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Hey Smartinks

The official statement regarding external transfers is that they are investigating it. But there are no solid plans yet.

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Then in the meantime they should allow us to SEPA payments to other crypto brokers until they get their own house in order.

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Hey Smartinks

Revolut already allows you to do a SEPA transfer to exchanges such as Bitstamp or Coinbase. I have transferred to both from Revolut. The key to getting it work is to make sure you EUR personal account have been enabled.

Their house are in order. They have never said it was possible or hidden the fact that you could not transfer out.

So many scam brokers yet Revolut force us into their hands by not offering a "Send " service

They certainly don’t advertise that fact

They do. Here are some examples

Under the headline “Drum roll please” there is the following “Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot allow transfers to external wallets or for customers to transfer their existing crypto to the app.”

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I am not sure I understand. Both Coinbase and Bitstamp are respected exchanges for Cryptocurrencies. Revolut does not block SEPA transfers to them.

EUR and USD account is the only fiat currency that Coinbase cater for

Yes. However you can exchange your local currency into EUR and send it from within Revolut. This is also how Revolut can let you buy from non-trading pairs like DKK-BTC. In this case Revolut will do the exchange into EUR for me and quote the price in DKK.

Will give it a try. There has been mixed feedback over this so will see what happens. Cheers

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If you run into trouble there is a loooong thread in here which contains advise to the most common errors.

But. Remember to enable your personal EUR account otherwise you can’t do SEPA transfers and the app will now allow you to add your exchange as a beneficiary until it is enabled!