Send bitcoin/eth/ltc to and from Revolut

Visa Europe already made a statement to explained it’s not a problem with crypto currencies, it’s only that WaveCrest broke Visa’s rules so they stopped everything.

Exactly what i wrote before…non compliance from WaveCrest to Visa rules…

Ugh, I can’t believe I fell for this. Stupid stupid stupid.

I just purchased a premium account today and then purchased a £1000 worth of Ethereum with the intention of sending it elsewhere to purchase alt-coins.

Only to find it’s in a walled garden. I can’t even put in my hardware wallet.

Why is this not clearly stated in the cryptocurrency section of the app before purchasing a premium account???


I don’t know for you but when I buy something (or a service) I look into it beforehand. I don’t like surprises either.

Anyway, if you really feel cheated, you can always sell your ETH back, withdraw the money, and cancel your premium. If you’re in your first 14 days they will refund you either fully or partially depending on the services you might have used.


Yes agreed, although I thought I had looked into it sufficiently.

Admittedly I didn’t think to go looking for a blog post that might tell me I can’t actually use my currency for anything other than to send it to other Revolut users. I mean who would create a service like that without big warning signs everywhere?

Thanks very much for the 14 day tip. Hopefully that’s a cost effective route.

What is the latest news on enabling external transfers? Is it on the cards at all?


There is no firm date or anything, probably not until second half of 2018 at best, I personally think 2019.

You can use your coins with your card to buy normal stuff if you don’t have other fiat currencies; that works.

Hey guys. I know we can’t send bitcoin elsewhere but can we send it to our Revolut account to sell? If so how do I do that? I can’t seem to find any wallet option for bitcoin

No you can not do that at the moment. Maybe in the future.

Ok thank you! Hopefully soon because who would bother buying bitcoin when they can’t send it unless they intend to hold it and spend it on the card when value spikes

These days many people are looking to buy crypto-currencies as an investment, mainstream media have been talking about it a lot which brought a lot of attention on it.
So yes, lots of people are just looking to buy, wait and sell (= trade)

I personally know much more people using crypto as investment than a way of payment.

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I use it for both which is why I’m wondering. As a crypto trader would be cool to be able to send our profits to revolut and spend them in stores etc

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Technically you can hold crypto in Revolut, and pay with them in shops using your card.
Keep in mind:

  • Revolut will use first the (fiat) currency of the country you’re paying in, if available.
  • Then they will use your “home” currency (e.g. GBP if you’re registered in the UK), if available.
  • Finally they will use whatever currency (fiat or not) that has the biggest amount.

Also, keep in mind that there is a 10 pounds minimum.

So let me get this straight: Revolut’s terms and conditions say you can’t use the account to speculate. But they only allow you to buy / sell crypto in a closed system, which means that it has literally no function except to speculate?!

I bought premium for a bitcoin wallet. Will be cancelling now because it’s not a bitcoin wallet. It’s a casino.


Honestly, I do not expect this to happen soon. Regulatory issues.

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Would be good if we could transfer crypto to our wallets but I am happy to keep some crypto in my Revolut account.

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I was just about to go premium until I found out I can’t send MY money to an external wallet or other exchange.
A lot of people want to buy alt coins.
You prevent them from doing so by not allowing them to send THEIR money elsewhere. Not a very good marketing point.
Revolut would attract millions of customers if you allow the sending of cryptocurrency to external sources. Looks like Coinbase will be getting my money.
Revolut need to move with the times and the times are altcoins.
Any reply from Revolut?


I suspect :r: cares more about what the EU would say about banking license and money laundry issues. There is not at single bank in the EU that allows buying and transfering crypto at the moment, i seriously doubt :r: would be crazy enough to try.

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There’s one service which provides debit card and a wallet for crypto.
You can send, receive via blockchain and spend your crypto with their card.
They had a working card but the issuer was Wavecrest so no card for now.
But it worked and it was great.

Hi there, asa customer I am attracted to using revolut to buy crypto because of the low fees… if we can’t transfer to another wallet then all we can do is hodl! - will we be able to transfer crypto from revolut to another wallet any time soon?

If u hodl and trade back to eur. What is the limit u can trade in a day or is there a limit?and would i be able to send back to a local bank account or can i only use my revolut card.???