Send and request money to friends


Hello! I just have used Revolut with my friends for a travel in Thailand and I think that there are many thinks to improve in the Send mode. I love the withdrawl and the payments, but…

All of us (my friends and I) use Twype and Yaap Money to send money to each other, and I think we will still using. Why?

It’s because we can request each other the money that owes us (most important)

It’s because is faster and we don’t need to have money in the app to send it, they take it directly from the card.


This is a very good idea.

I’d like to be able to send money to my friend who can’t top-up because Revolut doesn’t accept HKD.


@aespinosg keep an eye out :wink:


Awsome, it’s now live


Hey, hope you like it… Enjoy!