Selling Crypto vs. Buying Crypto. Price fluctuation

When using the app to buy ETH:
if I put 1 ETH to buy, Revolut quotes it at €600
when I switch the app and indicate I want to SELL 1 ETH, the price I will get is at about €578.

That is a 3.5% difference. Why? It is definitely more than 1.5% fee.


Buy and sell prices are different. This is the case on all platforms. On some platforms this difference (it’s called ‘spread’) is smaller than the others.

If they does not advertise the size of the ‘spread’ - it’s the indication that it’s not very good. Look the spread at other exchanges to compare.


The best to use is Bitstamp as that is their partner for cryptocurrency

Seems transaction fees in Bitstamp are 0.25%. Should we add more fees to reach 3.5%?

Add more fees? I am not sure i understand the question.

By using the Crypto feature on Revolut then the 0.25% fee from Bitstamp have no relevance. Revolut have their own fee which is different and laid out in the terms for the service.

I am surprised to hear the difference between the 0.25% fees from Bistamp (your partner) and your fees, said to be around 3.5%. Very expensive! I was wondering if the Revolut service was really worth in this matter.

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Hey Jean

I do not work for Revolut so i have no influence on the fee. But the fee should be 1.5% according to this blog post:

So there is a 1.5% fee for buying and 1.5% fee for selling.

If you look at Coinbase they have an even higher fee for buying using a Credit Card or Debit card (1.5% + 2.5% for instant buy)


Yes and thats is only one way… When you want to cash out another 4% = min 8% + the spred.

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Hey there the community !
first i would like to thank Revolut :r: for all the good work and great banking app !
i was finally invited for crytocurrency buy/sell and decided to try it since i’m a curious sneaky chap.
I think it’s great and i love the “instant” transaction, i’m just slightly dissapointed on the spread between buy and sell ( that includes the 1.5 % commission ) all in all with a 4.2 % rise in Litecoin i just managed to get even… unless cryptos get huge price swings wich they do once in a while, it is not going to be possible to do daily trading which is sad…Anyways i’d rather have the option of currencies/cryptos buy and sell than not so again THANK YOU :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, I notice that, too. Just for testing purposes I put 1,97 eur to eth. Immediately after I done that it drop to 1,89 eur, that is 4%. The same with Bitcoin, 1 € immediately drop to 0,96 eur. It has been a week since, it never even got back to 1 eur or 1,97 eur. The best for eth was 1,96 eur. For example with Blockchain, 1,97 eur worth of eth would usually go up to 2,07 eur.

Can anyone explain this?

I’m a new user so I can’t open a new thread. When I try to buy Ether, there is a large difference between the displayed price per 1 Ether and the price when I go to buy it.

Example: Right now, Revolut is showing that 1 ETH = €475.90. When I now click ‘Buy’ / Market order and enter 1 ETH, it shows a price of €502.85. That means I will have to pay and additional €26.95 for the privilege of buying 1 ETH. What is this markup? Can anyone explain?

They scam people is why leave now while you can before they lock your account

Have one question.
I bought 1 ETH for 1500$ on 1.6.2021. On 1.7.2021 July goes up too 2000$. So plus 500$.

I buy 1ETH for 1900$ again on end of juni? On my account will be 2 ETH. Invest 3400$.

What happend when i sell my 2 ETH on 1.7.2021?
I will get 600$ or 1000$ plus?
And yes with taxes… just an example.

I guess this one is well explained here

When you take an order you can always re-check the actual price before you hit the Buy button!

please check attached image

I’ve just had a similar experience with buying TRB, when the price suddenly dipped. I didn’t pay enough attention to the difference between the ‘sell’ price, which is what the graph shows and the ‘buy’, which showed when buying a 16% difference. I’ve checked and from multiple different crypto I hold, it’s definitely not the ‘norm’ but is certainly something I will be checking going forward. Totally understand VWAP but even checking after markets stable, it’s still the same massive difference, so worth checking when your in the early stages of tracking a new potential coin purchase the difference between buy/sell