Selfie camera login problem

Login problems, cannot verify it is me because the selfie camera does not work. I have my number, pin, credit card, and email but it keeps asking for a selfie and crashes during the process.

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@DenDeen Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

  1. Could you please check if your app is updated to the latest version available? After that, can you please clear your cache for the Revolut app, and try again? Here, you can see how to clear device cache:

iPhone: Go to Settings - General - iPhone storage - Search for the Revolut app - Then click in on “Offload app/clear cache”.

Android: Go to Settings - Apps - Search for the Revolut app - Then click on the app - Click on Storage - Click on “clear cache”.

  1. Could you please try to ‘kill’ the app (close it completely from the app switcher), reboot your device (turn it off and then on), and try again? Let me know if it worked. :pray:

Veda | Community Team