Self employed - top Up limits and using Revolut to withdraw euros into


I am nearing my 25k limit, I am self employed and provided proof of my savings, income, hmrc documents, self assesment tax return documents, lots and lots of information. The rep kept asking for more and more information so I gave it them. Finally they increase the limit to 30k, so a 5k increase, wow - not impressed.

Not being funny but why did I just go through all of that and provide everything about my life for an increase of 5k. I totally understand the importance of AML and KYC as I am used to this with other organisations and banks, but none have ever gone to the depths that this rep asked me for. I genuinly beleive that some of these reps dont understand the balance of information required versus box ticking, seriously, I have done this with other online banks and they totally understand the sensitive nature and try to understand the information that you give them, yet this rep just decides its not enough and keeps asking for more, if they care to take time and understand the information provided they will see that it gives a clear trail of the funds to my revolut. I applied for a mortgage and was asked much less by the bank and the solicitor!

I paid for the premium service just a few days ago too as I thought I could make use of the fee free fx transactions, whats the point if I can only do it on 25k a year.

My issue is I will be sending and receiving euros regularly (can provide full clear information to and where from), however if you cannot lift limits then its not going to work. I thought revolut was made for this, I didnt know you would get treated as inferior just becuase you are self employed.

Can a representative who understands this please respond.


You might want to wait until Revolut acquired a bank license in the first halves of 2018. It might be a regulatory limitation.


Hi there.

As I can your annual top up limit is not 30K but more than that. Let me clarify that users have the limit adjusted to their income.