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Hello, I picked up my ATM cash. And I thought there was a free limit of 200 €. But when I looked into the application I saw a fee of about 1.5%. Is this normal or is it a mistake?

What is your base currency? In which country did you withdraw? And which currency?

Could it be simply a charge by the ATM itself?

base currency - CZK
country - Czech Republic
ATM - free of charge

I had a currency in euros on my account, but I thought the revolut would automatically convert it.

Was the withdrawal on Saturday?
If so there was surcharge for conversion 0.5% -maybe € to CZK is higher % , not sure.
Is Your monthly free allowance stated (€ or CZK)
How much did you withdrew? Just checking rates :slight_smile:

And what day? Weekend?

Day - Thursday
free allowance stated is €

I tried to raise 100Kc and it cost me 114.70Kc

That must be either ATM charge or you didn’t decline Dynamic currency conversion.
100kc is like 4€ Right ?

BlackPrince - A fee of CZK 0 was charged on the ATM ticket
Ares - yes 4€, (i must activation card) Next time i try look, but i think I choce dynamic…

Always red button to decline👍
Sometimes cashier presses green :frowning:

Ok. I try next time. Thanks guys

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CZK is quite new as a currency in which you can top up (especially from your Czech card).
Can you go to More> Profile> Plan ?
There you can check your monthly limit for withdrawal. For Poles is 800 PLN (see screenshot- below). Maybe for Czechs is other than 200 EUR too?

The Czechs have only 200 €.

And I was wrong, the fee was not 1.5%, but 14.5%

On 100Kč i pay 114,5Kč

So it means that, as you’ve written above, you’re victim of DCC.

BTW. 800 PLN is less than 200 EUR :wink:


Yes i know. :slight_smile: 200€ = cca 850zl