Selected €10, got €10, Revolut took €15


Has this happened to anyone else? Literally tried to withdraw €10, received €10, and Revolut took €15 out of my account. There wasn’t even an option to withdraw €15; I have never seen an option to withdraw €15. They’re really being creative in finding new ways to make money off us!


Sounds like you have been tricked by an ATM that charges fees. The €5 most likely was charged by the bank operating the ATM and revolut cant do much about that - we as consumers have to be vigilant and check before we hit the accept button.


Not likely, it was the cash machine of a bank that I use regularly. In fact, I’ve used that exact cash machine before and wasn’t charged €5 extra. Finally, even if it was a cash machine that charged, there’s no way it would charge €5 - I’ve never seen one like that in the years I’ve been here (Barcelona). Normally the charge is 2-3€ at most.

I think it’s fair to say Revolut just fucked up.


Check better next time so you are certain, i still very much doubt this is due to revolut so i’d wait throwing accusations at them until at the very least you really know what has happened.

Seems spain has had a bit of recent changes, this thread might help:


Was it CaixaBank or Santander?


Did the ATM give you a receipt?

Otherwise, why don’t you go back and do it again but this time record a video. So you’ll have proof that there was no ATM charge.


It was Santander…


It did not, I wasn’t expecting them to charge me €15 for withdrawing €10. Good idea, will video it.


Unfortunately, this is a known fee. :frowning:

If you did not receive any warning before the withdrawal, as seen on the pics on that thread, this should be investigated.


Ah, that’s crazy! The cash machine in question definitely didn’t mention a charge. Will make a note to stay clear of Santander - is La Caixa still fee-less to the best of your knowledge?


La Caixa, BBVA and Sabadell are lower, around €2-€3
LiberBank, CajaDuero, ING, EVO, Abanca, Targobank, CajaRural and some others, probably including Bankia, don’t charge fees :slight_smile:


You should contact Revolut support, who can dispute it with Santander under the MasterCard rules. Under MasterCard’s rules, any fee must be disclosed to you before you commit to making the cash withdrawal.


Yes. There are also nation-wide regulation on that, but unless you have a receipt, having no way you can prove the warning was not shown… Santander is a really stubborn bank. If @nicksufc managed to get a video, something could be done, but without it… :frowning:


A receipt does not confirm whether or not a warning of the charge was displayed on-screen to the card holder before committing to the transaction.

If Santander doesn’t display the charge, then it’s going to affect most transactions, and it’s unlikely that Santander is going to lie about this to MasterCard when challenged.


Of course it doesn’t, but it’s usually something you’re asked for when complaining to Banco de España, the regulatory entity. Also, a receipt not showing the fee will be enough to prove the ATM didn’t correctly inform (before or after the transaction) about that fee.

Santander IS displaying the warning about the charge systematically, as shown in the post linked before.


Did you manage to video record it?


I had this same issue, 20 eur withraw, 25 eur charge, no notification.

Santander, La Pereda, TELEBANCO 4B


Hey there @toffitomek :slight_smile:

It has already been discussed multiple times that Santander charges 5€ per withdrawal. :slight_smile:

Santander ATMs do warn about this, and if it didn’t then you should complain to them :frowning: