Select an intermediary bank


Many banks ask to use specific intermediary banks for Swift transfers, otherwise the costs of incoming transfers have doubled. Why Revolut, does not give the possibility to insert an intermediary bank?



It is almost impossible to know what intermediary banks is used. Say Revolut uses Bank A, then Bank A have absolute freedom to use what ever Intermediary bank they want before the money arrives at Bank C. Or that is my understanding.



You need to specify intermediary when your BIC belongs to a less known institution. it’s for the last hop, not the first.

In my case I’m unable to receive SWIFT payments to REVOGB2L unless the transfer explicitly mentions to go via BARCGB22. Kind of sucks.

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How to when I need to make a transfer from revolut to other bank? Can I put the BIC of the intermediary bank instead of the BIC of my bank?



unfortunately it doesn’t work that way