SEK/DKK/NOK transfers are now SWIFT transfers?

I got a push notification today that stated that from now on transfers in SEK, DKK and NOK will be SWIFT transfers.

My local bank in Sweden says that they don’t charge a fee for incoming SWIFT transfers but that any intermediary bank might, Revolut says the same thing. So how on Earth can I know if there will be a fee on my transfer if there is no way of telling if there will be an intermediary bank handling my transfer halfway?


I have a similar question. I receive my salary in a Danish bank, and was using Revolut as my daily bank, topping up via Apple Pay associated with my Danish bank account. I live in Copenhagen. Do anything change when I pay something with my Revolut card using dkk?

Same issue here, i send every three months money to denmark, denmark has sepa payment (because of eu) and now it should not work anymore? Why?

And i tried to do a payment: even for the first payment revolut takes a fee, so much for the first transfer in the month is for free…

And the Fee thing is very problematic, how should i know how much money will arrive when i send the money?

I hope this will be fixed, otherwise revolut has no value for me and i need to reopen my transfer wise account

Can confirm from several people (e.g. with Danske Bank) that these transfers are now coming in via SWIFT and people are getting charged.

@FarewellFire If your bank doesn’t charge for receiving SWIFT transfers, the only real way to find out is to make a test transfer, unfortunately. Another thing to consider is that SWIFT payments don’t always take the same route, so whilst you may receive no charges on a test transfer it doesn’t guarantee that the next one will be fee-free. In other words SWIFT sucks! If you are with a large bank, chances are you’ll be okay, but often those are the ones that charge to receive SWIFT transfers anyway, so it’s a bit of a catch-22.

@mstrl SEPA payments can only be made in EUR so this is an unrelated issue. If you make a SEPA transfer in EUR, everything should work the same as it has previously. Note that if your address is not set to Denmark in Revolut, the transfers are treated a little differently (it’s all a bit mysterious).

Also, @Talesp payments with card should be unaffected… this is only a change related to making bank transfers.

For me the problem is: it worked for some time (several years) and from one day to another it does not work anymore… It seems that there is something else about DKK/€.

I use revolut now less than before, other competitors have free Swift transfers! But even with free swift payments, i will not use swift, i did a payment two days ago and the receiving bank takes 50DKK, in germany those fees would be usury… I moved to transferwise, there i pay not even the half of it. It feels like stone age in digital banking

Ah, that explains why my recipient in Denmark has suddenly been charged 50 DKK for my latest transfer. Is there no way around this?

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