Seemless for clients?


Hi. I understand that receiving a payment from abroad is free for myself. But what about my client? I mostly operate with clients in France. And my main concern is for them to avoid any fee.


In that case you should only use SEPA transfers. SWIFT will almost always come with additional costs, either for both of you or just one.

Where are you based?


Thanks for the answer @alessandro. My clients are mostly based in France. I believe they’d use SEPA for their payments, right? From their perspective, does it feel the same as paying me on a traditional - French - back account?


The question was where you are based :slight_smile:

But anyhow, yes, SEPA would be the wisest option. It would not not be a local French bank, but still like a regular European transfer. They would wire the funds via SEPA to your British euro account, and even though it is not a strictly domestic transfer it would not cost them anything more or would take longer than a domestic one - because of SEPA.


That’s clear, thanks! And for your question: as a person, I live in Morocco most of the time, but my business is based in France.


You have a business account is presume? And your company is registered in France? In that case you should be on the safe side, as otherwise it might be a problem as only people with a residency in the EEA can open a Revolut account.


Thanks a lot! Yes, I have a business registered in France, as well as a business account at a traditional bank in France.


It is probably fine but - unless you already did of course - I’d maybe still clarify with Revolut if that scenario is not any potential problem. Not that you have some blocked account as surprise at some point.

But as for your question, yes, your French customer should simply wire it to the British IBAN of your local SEPA account and everything should be fine.


@Ugo Transfers within SEPA are free. You will see any charges calculated right before you send funds via SWIFT.


Alright! Thanks to both of you, that’s very kind.