Seem to be locked out of account

I recently moved Revolut to a new phone. This was all working well until I attempted to add cards to Google Pay. Here’s what happened:

Made a couple of attempts to add the card to Google Pay. This asked me for my fingerprint and then it simply (silently) failed to add the card.
Then attempted to add the card to Google Pay using passcode instead. This tells me my passcode is incorrect (erm, it isn’t) and gives me a 1:58 timeout.

I am now unable to access the app using either fingerprint or passcode.

Ok… I might have jumped the gun here. I am able to access my account using fingerprint having properly restarted the app (i.e. flicked it away in Android, then restarted) but it still has a problem with my passcode (which I used to activate it on this phone). I will check again tomorrow.

Mods, feel free to close and I’ll deal with Google Pay and passcode separately if need be.

Solved. Went through the forgotten PIN process and this i) gave me a working PIN and ii) allowed me to add my virtual card to Google Pay.