See value of secondary accounts in base currency

After the latest update on Android I’m no longer able to see the value in base currency on the different accounts I have. Before I could just tap on the text and it would switch and show the value in Norwegian kroner. See pic.

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Whoops! :scream: The team will have it fixed soon :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback.

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The programmers forgot to fix this issue when they released the new version :grinning: Shame on them :grinning:

It works for me on iOS now :slight_smile:

I’m on Android, know you are on iOS :thinking:

4.15.2 didn’t fix it either.

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New update. Still missing…

@AndreasK, we know that iOS is always first, but we hope that you’re going to fix Android version too. This bug (above),
This bug: Incorrect description of the currency exchange rate on the chart.
This bug: Cant send money to Puerto Rico
And so on…

Our team is aware and they’re working on it! Thanks for your patience.

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New update, still no fix. I’m starting to believe that all replies from this forum where ’ we are aware and working on this’ are BS.

Thank you for your feedback. However, you can check other post where previous issues resolved :slight_smile: Sometimes, an issue needs further investigation and can take longer to be solved.

v4.16.0 of the app…

iOS or Android?
On my Android, 4.16:

I think he has Ios
For me still doesn’t work

Android 8.1.0 in a Pixel, sorry. :smiley:

Just tap on the amount and it should show the value in home currency.
At least this happens on iOS.

It worked like this (a few version before), but now it doesn’t.
Android 7.0, app 4.16.0

It is working now :+1:
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Confirmed. It came back with revision 4.17

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