Security settings

Hi guys,

I was just wondering what default security settings were?

I’ve messed about with mine and need to revert back to default as when I’m trying to do a transaction it’s getting declined.

Reason given is ecommerce is disabled but I’ve toggled this on and off and and it’s still declining. I’ve asked support but as we travel in a few days I need this sorting as I don’t want any problems!

Toggle blue = online transactions enabled.

I believe the app tells you if security settings are the reason for a declined payment. Something like “declined because online transactions are blocked”.

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Thanks Frank! Appreciate your help.

If I have tried it so many times and had the transaction decline, will it block my card? I’ve got it on the blue toggle now but still appears to be declining!

I don’t know. But as long as only your card is blocked (and not your account), you can always unblock your card by yourself.

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