Security Settings not active



I received my Revolut card today, even though the expected Delivery date was December 18th.

I now want to edit its Security Settings, but the app is not allowing me to do this.

I have a standard already verified account (topped up with fiat and crypto).

Could you please assist me with this?

Thank you!


Did you tried using the card in an ATM and check if it’s working after?


Still at home :slight_smile:

Will post an update if this will solve it.

Thank for your help, Alex!


Mine is on the way so I’m not sure about this but that should be the method (to proof it arrived).
Like on normal cards, activate the card by making a transaction at the ATM.

Keep us posting, I’m curious too as my card will follow a looong route till it will arrive at me.

Numai bine! :laughing:


Yes, that should do the trick.


Have you received the card?



Yes, I received it today, but did not get the chance to try it at an ATM.
Will do that tomorrow.

Via the Support chat in the Revolut app I was told by a CS agent that because the “Expected delivery date” was December 18th, I will only able to edit the Security Settings only starting with that date, not sooner.

Even if I already have the card.

Could you please confirm if this is the case?

Thank you in advance!



Could you please try to log out and log back in the app?


Did that now - nothing changed.

Also deleted and reinstalled that app - same thing.


My card is on the way.

Didn’t saw that on iOS but on android Tablet is appearing:

Use the card PIN first
Your first purchase should be made with your card PIN

Maybe it helps :slight_smile:


Just used my card at an ATM and the Security Settings became instantly active.

So that solved it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip, Alex!