Security options disabled

I received and used my Revolut card for several days (even if the system tells my date of receiving is ongoing); everything seems ok for receiving money and paying. But my security options are desabled (icons in grey color). Is thta normal? Do I need to wait the planned receiving date for using these options?

Hey @Grandjean :slight_smile:

No, i believe that the card should be fully activated (including the security options) from the first time you use your card in a Chip+PIN transaction :confused:

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OK. I just made some bank transfers and e-commerce paiements. I will try a transaction with PIN to see if it can activate. Tkx. Gilles

I received my second card before the estimated delivery date. Before i activated it by doing a purchase using its chip it was greyed out. After the security and other functionalities turned on as normal.

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Also before you can do contactless purchases you have to do a chip purchase.


Fine. I do that. Many thanks.