Security flaw?


Based on the responses above, this may not be possible without issuing a different type of card.


Hey @ryanhellyer, Revolut says on the website for the premium product that the new card only shows the card number on the back of the card. Sounds to me like this card is a non-embossed one. Would be weird if they would it emboss the wrong way …


Well, no electronic security feature will ever work with analogue offline card imprinters AND MasterCard’s payment guarantees. Not embossing a card would be that extra bit of security.


Oh cool! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


Sorry, got one detail wrong. It is not on the website, it is in the app. See screenshot.


Just out of curiosity - where did this all take place? I haven’t seen one of those zip-zappers in years!

I guess the problem suggested remains negligible in the eyes of card issuers and also - what would’ve happened if you didn’t have a card with the info embossed on the front? No pay, g´day? =)