Security Features, when to use them?


How to keep your money safe :credit_card:

At Revolut security is our number one priority, that is why all customer funds are physically located in pooled client accounts at Barclays. We use bank-level data encryption, sensitive data is stored in PCIDSS level-1 compliant data centre and all data passed between our servers and third parties is 2048-bit SSL encrypted, furthermore card transactions data is transmitted via VPN-tunnels.

We also allow you to customise your security preferences by aactivating these features on your card:

  • Location based security
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Magstripe payments
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Card blocking from the app
    Which do you find the most helpful?

This category is designed to contain anything relevant to card and account security, including potential fraud issues, scams and how to keep your personal data and funds secure.


This is a really good feature guys :slight_smile:


Hi, can I ask about the location based security.
Fantastic system, but if I jet out of Heathrow and land in New York, do I have to log into wifi somewhere before I can use an ATM as it may think I am still in the UK?



Hey @kylewie, good question! The short answer is that no, you don’t need to log into wifi when you land. The ATM transaction will work just fine :slight_smile: We do some magic behind the scenes to account for periods of time when your phone is offline / in airplane mode.

Source: Rev employee + I’ve actually tried this myself :smiley:

Payment rejected when phone is offline due to location USA

If you use your Revolut card for Uber, don’t disable e-commerce transactions! I did this once by mistake and got an error, that my credit card was deemed invalid. After that, I enabled e-commerce again, but the error persisted. I had to register another credit card, delete the Revolut card and re-add it to Uber. Really annoying if Revolut is your only credit card.

Using Revolut with Lyft

@Avalon - interesting improvement to our e-commerce security feature. Definitely noting that one down. :smiley:


Magstripe is really really poor on security, it has to be disabled when the card is used in all Chip & PIN countries! :wink:


It would be nice if you also enabled HTTPS on It would certainly feel safer logging into this forum. :wink:


I’m sure this has been brought up elsewhere but would it be possible to develop a way to block touch based payments like there’s an option for mag stripe ones?

This is my first contactless card.