Security Feature: Payment confirmation via the app


Is it possible to be asked for a confirmation for some transaction via the app in order to prevent fraud?

For example, there could be a parameter in the app that says:
“For transactions above XXX $, ask me for a confirmation.”


That’s a super great idea especially for electronic’s purchases! :clap:


You should check for 3D Secure feature request


This is not exactly the same as 3D secure, as 3D secure by Visa and Mastercard are relying on SMS OTP to my knowledge. This idea is closer to Microsoft or other Authenticator apps that send a push notification to accept or deny a login (here a payment).
This sould be an option because when abroad, you don’t always have wifi/3G on your phone, whereas roaming and receiving sms is free.


I prefer keeping the e-commerce, magstripe and ATM transactions switched off in the security section of the app and only switch them back on right before I need them. The problem with authorising the in-store transactions is that I normally don’t have 3G/wifi access when traveling overseas (outside EU).


That’s why we should have the choice to enable or not in-app transaction autorisation. That way we can leave it on in our home country or were we have 3G/4G and disable it when we are abroad.