Security Commissions on Amazon and Ebay


Most of the times I bought on Amazon and Ebay, the charge me 1€ or $ for security reasons, I use always, the same revolut card and my account is verified long time ago. Maybe past to much time between shopping on ebay, but in Amazon with one month between two orders, always the 1€ commission. I contact with them but didn’t clarify me nothing, just report me to this

Meanwhile in Aliexpress, just charge me the 1$ commission the first time, later some times reenter the security number or just the full number card again, but never the commission.

¿What is happening here? Thanks.


More hidden fees from revolut…


have you read this?

How can you blame Ravolut for fees from Aliexpress?


Have you read what I have written? I haven’t problems with Aliexpress fees, only with Amazon, and I don’t blame to Revolut or Amazon, just I don’t know why every I place a order, Amazon chargeme a 1€ for security reason if my revolut account it’s verified.


I was referring to this:


Well, finally Amazon’s support tell me that if I don’t buy anything for a long time period (for them long time are few days WTF??!!), then apply the 1€ security chage.

Meanwhile, Revolut support tell me that it happens always with amazon and aliexpress, and some times with ebay.