Security against mass top-up?


Imagine situation like this:

You top-up £10 revolut via 3rd party card (i.e by Monzo card). After 2 minutes you top up £10 your 3rd party card (i.e Monzo card) by using Revolut card. You do it many times. And every users does that. AFAIK top-ups by card cost Revolut some fee to card processors etc and that scenario can make Revolut (and 3rd party) loss a lot of money. Is Revolut secured against this scenario by, for example, daily limit of top-ups? This could be done as “hackers” attack to make revolut bankrupt.


There is a daily card specific limit.

Besides this, my guess is that the scenario you describe might trigger some security mechanism. Also, since the Revolut card is prepaid at the moment, can it be used to top up Monzo?