secure change of Iphone and reinstall revolut app


I’m planing to transfer all data from my Iphone to a new one. (Backup/Restore over itunes).
The new phone will use the same SIM an Phonenumber as the old one.

Can i be sure, that the transfered revolut app will work correct after the transfer?
Or shall I reinstall the revolut app? and then, how can I get access to my revolut account?
And what happens, if there is a problem with the login?
How can I get in touch with the support for fix it. There is only a in-app chat.

I think many of the users has made this change. Please let me know some tips or experiences.
Thanks in advance


i had no problems at all transfering to a new phone. you just need to follow the prompts to set up on the new phone, its not difficult.
make sure you know your pin code to log onto the app as many people use fingerprint and then forget the code which always amazes me.