Secure 3D form scrolling and does not allow details


I have a Huawei P9 OS - Android 6.0 - the card I’m attempting to add to the application is a First Direct via the camera on Revolut V 3.5.1, the problem is when it moved to the 3d secure screen it goes into a perpetual scroll and it is impossible to complete the form.

I have attempted to raise this with support but they are useless advising to raise with HSBC / First Direct can’t even imagine doing that; ‘Hi your 3d forms work on lots of applications can you investigate why a 3rd party / Revolut hasn’t incorporated them correctly into their application???’

Please can you investigate this and advise.




@ross166 Hey there! Have you tried re-installing the app? Are you somewhere with a stable internet connection?


Same problem after uninstalling and installing again. I keep seeing these statements regarding a ‘strong’ or ‘stable’ internet connection lets just say the that internet connection is either working or it doesn’t in my case it is working. I’ve also turned my phone off and on again. Can I ask have revolut attempted to reproduce the error to see if they can identify the cause, this is why I gave the versions, os and phone type. I look forward to the next suggestion ps I’ve seen ‘Rogue One’ and personally feel that ‘I’m one with the force’ if you’d like me to try and use it to stop the scrolling…


Same problem for me on Google Pixel, Android 7.0.1

It is impossible to register a card so I can’t really use my revolut account any more.


Hi, can you please send a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Hi. I’m new to this forum… how do i DM you?



I’ll do it for you :slight_smile:


Did you get a solution or was it the usual ie please take a screenshot of a scrolling screen, stable internet etc etc… I’ve not used Revolut since this issue.


With the back-end team to investigate.

i got around it by using android pay as a top-up method. At least i can register my card with Android Pay and effectively still use it to fund Revolut - just jumps through an extra hoop first.


this appears to have been fixed just added my card no scrolling screen


I’m having this problem too and the support agent on the app told me to use AndroidPay for now until they get it fixed. AndriodPay uses SMS verification code instead of 3D secure code and that seems to work.


Yes that’s right - it seems that the temporary solution is AndroidPay.


Good to see revolut recognising this as a bug I reported this issue and
support was useless #stableinternetlol