Secondary phone number

Hello it would be nice if one could have secondary phone numbers attached to the same account. It would allow better discoverability by friends who have only one of the numbers


This is a great idea since the Secondary number could be used as a Backup number in case of issue ( Phone lost, change of provider… ) AND it could allow us to be connected on 2 devices ( you, or even better, a Relative using the spare physical card :slight_smile: )

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I would love so much this idea. I am studying abroad and use my Revolut as my forigner bank account but when I move home than I need to change my phone number and since my account is synced with my ph number it makes it harder to change. I mean it would be so so much easier if I wouldn’t need to change the connected ph number to my account every time when I move home and back. Also, security wise it would be a lot better to have two connected ph number.
Please Revolut add this feature, it would make it easier and safer to use Revolut

This is exactly what i need at the moment.
There are times when i need to travel to other countries and end up switching to other phone numbers for a few months.
Being able to have a secondary phone number would greatly help in this scenario.

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