Second topic !! Still can't login ! Someone has a solution ?


Hi !
Like I explained the last topic, I can’t log in and when I tried to talk with a agent, it’s say : revolut has stopped. I download the last update but it’s still doesn’t work. The initial problem is because I don’t get the verification password.
Thank you


Try contacting Rev via Facebook or Twitter


Hi @Ambre

Could you send me a direct message so that I can take a look at what’s going?


Hello Jessica !
Thanks for you message. I tried to send you a message diretly but I didn’t find.
Like I was saying I can’t log in. The app say : revolut has stopped. The initial probleme is that i cannot eeceive the code by sms. The verification codes from the agents I talked before doesn’t work. I tried many time but each time the code doesn’t work. Is it coming from my number or the app ?