Second/Spare Card fees are super-unclear in the App

I tried to order a Maestro card in a standard account – as the second card.
(Advertised as €6 in the App.)

When I try to order the card, the price goes up to €12 (standard delivery) or €26 (express delivery).



Is this your first card?

No, the second card. The first one was a free Visa (standard) card that was given to me at an Revolut-Event.

If I remember it correctly, additional cards were €6 and not €12 – or am I mistaken here? :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I had the same question yesterday. Revolut responded to me saying that a €6 fee is added on top of the Standard €6 delivery fee when a second card is added to the same account… what brings us to a total of €12. :confused:

However, they indicated me that you can get a new card for €6 if you terminate your current one.


Maybe postage is 6€ aswell ? :slight_smile:

Postage is €6, spare card is €6. Absolutely. (First card is free, so only the delivery is being paid)

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The conditions are not really clear:


First paragraph
Physical Revolut Card: Issuance Charge
£5 or currency equivalent, unless you ask for Global Express Delivery in which case £12 (UK), €20 (EU) €30 (everywhere else) or currency equivalent.

Second paragraph
Additional Revolut Card Charges: Additional Physical Revolut Card
£5 or currency equivalent, unless you ask for Global Express Delivery in which case £12 (UK), €20 (EU) €30 (everywhere else) or currency equivalent

Not very clear, indeed. Plus, my card is one of the first MC with no contactless so I was willing to order a new one but €12 needs more reflexion…

Edit: I think the price for the Additional Physical Revolut Card is in reality added to the Issuance Charge.

That is super-unclear, then.

Additionally, the second card is advertised at €6, later you see a standard delivery fee of €12. In my imagination that would add up to €18 – but the fee stays at €12.

If the card costs €12, they should put “€12” and not “€6” there from the beginning.

Standard delivery is €6 so it adds up to €12 in the end, but the FAQ needs a clearer explanation for spare cards. Additionally, I agree with you but the spare card cost nothing if you are a Premium subscriber so that might explain the price tag on order.

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I can now explain the confusion:

During a promotion period in Germany, all standard delivery fees have been waived (for a couple of months). That promotion period is over now.

So, the charges are in fact:
First card = 0 € plus 6 € delivery
Second card = 6 € plus 6 € delivery

Since the delivery fee has been waived during the promotion, people paid:
First card = 0 € plus 0 € delivery (promo)
Second card = 6 € plus 0 € delivery (promo)
That is the source of the confusion for people in Germany. :nerd_face:

Is the whole amount displayed anywhere in the ordering process?

Yes, see the screenshots that I added to the first entry.

Yes thx. Sorry I missed that