Second Revolut card - not spare


Is it possible for me to get a second card by setting up a new account in addition to my existing account/card.?


Hi @beeare,

Thank you for asking. No you cannot have two accounts, it;s one account per user. Why you would like to have a second account and a card?


Thanks for your reply.
I was just thinking of a workaround for my friend in the USA. Their card does not work now, of course,
since Revolut has withdrawn their service in the USA.
I thought if I could get another UK card they could use the second card and we could still transfer money across the two cards.
I know their are lots of other options but we do like the Revolt method.


Having a card in your name and letting a friend use it would break the T&C’s of every card issuer in the world.


I didnt know that. I havent read the T&Cs of every card issuer in the world.
Does that mean you can’t ask some one e.g, a relative, to use your card to to draw some money for you at an ATM?


You shouldn’t. When I needed to draw money on behalf of my Mother I became a joint signee on her bank account and had my own card and pin.


Yes @beeare, @badskittler is right! We won’t advise you to do that. Rest assured, we’re working hard to provide our services worldwide.


So now I have seen the intro to Revolut 3.5.
It says I can have two cards on the same account and that I can give a second card to a relative to use.


You speak and we listen @beeare


Does the second card bear the same name or I can assign a new one?


Hi @Zaro,

The second card will have your name on it.



This is a great idea, as I would like to give the second card to my partner. Will this cause problems at checkouts as it is in my name? Presumably, I have to sign the back in my name?


Yes, a merchant should not accept cards when the payee is not the owner of the card as stated on the card.


Except in the US, where nobody seems to care.


It is still a matter of liability. So no one could expect an official answer from a card issuer that this won’t be a problem.


Some card issuers don’t put a name on the front at all.


I think that is irrelevant. In case someone pays per swipe + signature, a merchant has to check the signature. In case someone pays per chip + PIN, the merchant can assume that only the rightful owner of the card knows the PIN. In most cases, sharing things like PIN and passwords to an account would violate the bank’s T&C.


Just one question about this spare card:
I have a elderly mother, that doesn’t have a smartphone nor ever had a debit card. I give her some monetary help each month and I want now for her to use a debit card so she doesn’t walk around with a lot of cash in the “pocket”. My question is: can I “put” an allowance on this particular card that doesn’t affect my other card? For example, imagine I have 500€ on my revolut account. I want to put 100€ on that card (not the budget option) and imagine she spends only 50€. Next week I put another 100€ so now she has 150€…

Is this possible? The budget feature doesn’t seem to be a good option for me since it does not “accumulate”.


This topic is a little bit confiusing. I believe Revolut wrote in a blog entry or in the FAQ that one can give a family member or friend a second card, that is allocated to ones account.

But MasterCard guidelines on the other hand state that a merchant should always check the identity of the card holder, via signature or some sort of ID in case of doubt.

In most cases this is not necessary, because one pays with chip / pin or online with CVV. But in some rare occasions, a signature is needed and a merchant has the right to refuse a card that does not show the name of the customer.

It makes sense that this is different with prepaid cards, they are not much different to MasterCard gift cards. But embossing allows old school analogue offline payments.

Sorry, that was slightly off topic. The answer to your question seems to be no. All cards are connected to the same account. As of now, there aren’t subaccounts and budgets don’t work, like you said. Your mother needs to open her own Revolut account to do what you have in mind.


Hello @bennydanny

Yes you can set up a monthly limit for each card. However, we don’t advise sharing your card with others.